How to download Instagram video & get $200 per post

How to download Instagram video

Private Instagram Video Downloader can be your guide to making money on Instagram. We carefully scrolled through the top profiles on the social network and found that almost every video post in large profiles was downloaded from other users.

This means that you can start an Instagram business profile on a specific topic to build an audience. Further, when your community grows, you can receive income

  • from sponsored posts
  • cooperation with brands
  • affiliate programs

For example, one of the feature accounts in the fashion industry (they only re-publish videos and photos of other users) receives about $200 for an advertising post. These are small brand rates, corporations and big brands may charge more for advertising.

Instagram feature account rate example

The essence of your fame on Instagram is content. But creating content is no longer such a difficult task. Social networks are filled with captivating videos and photos. And many of them remain unnoticed. You can fix this and benefit people by collecting only the most eye-popping vids in one profile. Just imagine how convenient it is.

A kind of thematic magazine right in the IG feed!

What kind of profile can you start?

  • Feature account. Such profiles collect narrow niche content around a single topic. Of course, you will also need videos.
  • Expert blog. If you do not want to just republish the video, then you can write posts from yourself, and involve experts. So in your community, there will be even more useful facts and there will be more reasons to subscribe.
  • Commercial thematic profile. For example, you can post collections of Insta Shops offers - this will be a kind of virtual advertising catalog or resale account. To do this, you will need to download videos from stores profiles.

Top topics for feature accounts: fashion, design, culture, models, travel, interiors, restaurants. The theme should be as visually appealing as possible.

The main thing in 2022 is to choose a SUPER narrow niche. For example, if you want to write about trips, it is better to choose a country or even a city. Many profiles are dedicated to picturesque Paris and they attract thousands of followers.

Why do feature account owners download Instagram videos?

There is no Download button in the Instagram app - sad, but fixable when you know about Best Video Saver. The advantage of downloading content over capturing a screen is obviously the quality. The quality of publications is the quality of your service!

Nobody wants to watch blurry videos, they will be flipped over immediately.

Users watch videos of excellent quality, save them, and send them to friends - everything you need. Therefore, feel free to download the video you need - it's free here.

How to reuse Instagram videos after download

The most relevant advice for 2022 is to publish them in Reels immediately. Reels have captured the minds of users, they are sticky. They are promoted by the algorithm itself because they encourage users to stay online longer.

You will win when you download the video and publish it in Reels.

The second great way is to post stories. This can elicit responses, reactions, and DMs where you can get closer to the audience.

And of course the video feed. This kind of content is still needed - they are shared in Direct and most importantly – IT CAN BE ADDED TO THE SAVE section. I mean that the algorithm understands that people like your content.

It is important to post Reels with HASHTAGS. Otherwise, they are of little use. Moreover, now after the update, only Reels and Top posts will remain in the tag gallery (Recent posts are removed).

3 Top accounts examples that download videos every day

@wakeupandmakeup 11.2m followers

This is the top profile with millions of followers. Of all the 20.5K publications, there is not a single one that would have been created by the profile owners themselves. These are all downloaded videos of makeup artists, bloggers, influencers, and models. All dedicated to making quick make-up, they have become super popular in Reels. Great example for inspiration and downloading content.

@doodleloverlifes 146.6 followers

This is a less popular profile, but a great example of a thematic community. Here you will find exclusive videos of cute puppies. Isn't that what the people who scroll through the IS feed are waiting for? Give them such content simply by downloading it from the creators.

@ootdmagazine 3.9 million followers

This is a real Insta magazine as you can see from the profile name. The creators collect videos of fashion bloggers, celebrities, and ideas that Instagram fashionistas are waiting for. Having promoted a profile and gathered an audience around aesthetics, they sell presets directly on the site. Link is posted in bio and email for partnership.

Feel free to copy the cool ideas in your profile) Good luck!