How to download an Instagram story with music?


Instagram Stories that are posted with music tend to get a lot more attention. Therefore, you may have an objective to download this story.

Now the music gallery of the social network is so rich that in your Reels or in your stories you can add absolutely any sound, even the latest hits that have been released recently. This gives you a lot of opportunities as a creator to implement your creative ideas. You can get a lot more views, and therefore followers.

However, if you ever wanted to download Instagram Stories with music, you might see a warning message saying that Stories can be saved separately from the music track.

This sometimes helps because saving a video even without a music track can be crucial for you. However, you might want also to save the music track and use the story or or Reels editor to create music videos.

Later in this article, I will tell you how you can still use videos from social networks and extract them by using a special downloader. The downloader is a universal web tool that you can open both from your phone and from your computer.

download an Instagram story

A proven way to download an Instagram story with music

It is this tool that will helps users extract a video along with the music track even if this audio was attached from the Instagram gallery. And the amazing advantage of using this downloader is that you can extract both your personal videos and videos that users post to social networks on their accounts.

By the way, there is no such magic button for keeping videos from IG. Therefore, you will certainly have to use the downloader if you want to get clips of original quality. Because if you do a screen recording, you would get a clip that would be much worse than the original one.

How to use the Best Video Saver to download videos in the original resolution with an audio track?

And for this, there are special downloaders for stories. By the way, on this site, you can extract videos from Instagram. They will appear on your device in original quality.

Our downloader works with videos published in the profile, however, you can use trusted services to download stories.

And how is it possible to extract video with a music track?

  • Go to the account of that person and that video with audio you liked. Stories with audio must be uploaded within 24 hours or be in the Highlights. This will allow you to extract the media file. Copy the link to this profile's account.
  • Go to stories downloader and paste the link into the search bar. The search bar has a data input field and after clicking the download button it will open MP4 files.
  • Files will also be saved with the track that you have chosen from the Instagram media library.

This is a universal way to download content. You don’t have to export the video to overlay a music track. In addition, most video editing applications do not have such a rich library, it is quite possible that you need a rare song.

Alternatively, you can use the TikTok editor. However, for beginners, this editor may seem much more complicated.

Why is it important to be able to download a clip from an audio track?

You may be unaware that you can recycle it! Enjoy downloading or editing videos on one social network and then sharing them on other social networks as well. Thus, you can cover an increasing number of people who are accustomed to various social platforms. After all, different users spend different amounts of time on different social networks. And you have every chance to become popular on several sites. This may be necessary for your growth!

In what cases this method of downloading stories will work? You can safely use it:

  • If you need to download videos on mobile devices. It doesn't matter if it's Android or iPhone, you will get the desired file.
  • If you need to download videos to your computer. In this case, it will also not be difficult for you to get the file in the download folder on your browser.

The case where the web service won’t work: for private content, it will not be suitable. When the account is private the scraper can’t crawl it even if you follow them on Instagram.